Decision Making 101

I'm lying on the couch, exhausted, feigning interest in the Yankees vs Mets game and it's about time for dinner. We were camping all weekend and we don't feel like cooking. But with last week's kayak purchase, our discretionary money is pretty tight until Kristin gets paid this week.

Kristin has an idea: "I'm going to make an irresponsible suggestion and say that we get our shoes on and go to Pho Place for dinner."

I give it some thought, "That would require that I shave my camper's beard and since my laziness trumps your irresponsibility, I say we order a pizza."

It's a push. She doesn't want pizza, but I don't want to shave. She refuses to pick up the pho for take-out, and... well... I'm very lazy.

Two hours later, I eat a stack of Eggos and a cold left-over meatball. Kristin has a bagel and decides to just wait till breakfast to eat.

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Maarten said...

Heh heh heh. Sounds to me like you need some Trader Joe's frozen dinner action in your lives!