Gone Campin'

The coolers are packed, the truck is loaded up with gear, and Kristin will be leaving work in a couple of hours to get on the road early. We're headed out to the Teanaway River area north of Cle-Elum for three days of mountain biking and camping with the BBTC. One of my favorite trails is further up the valley from where we'll be -- Esmeralda Basin -- but we can't access it do to current snow levels. But I'm told that there's plenty of great riding lower down, and I can't wait to find out. There's a half-dozen of us headed out tonight and a dozen more showing up tomorrow morning for a daytrip. So long as the dogs all get along and the weather holds, we'll likely stay till Sunday afternoon.

I've been training pretty hard every day since last Saturday so I think after today's double-workout and all of the riding this weekend, I'll be deserving of a day off on Monday. Or maybe I'll just go kayaking. It's so nice to have options again and not just be in a rut, doing the same thing over and over.

Anyway, here's a photo this weekend's ride leader sent me. It's from last year and shows where we'll be stopping for lunch on Saturday during our ride. I can't wait.

Photo by Bob B.

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