What's Wrong With This World

You may or may not have heard the story of the oh-so-pathetic Paris Hilton forgetting the name of her own videogame during an appearance at last week's E3. Well, not only did Ms. milk-my-family-name-for-all-it's-worth show up 90 minutes late and forget the name to the videogame she was supposedly promoting, but she also succesfully snubbed one of the most famous game developers in the industry.

Not that I'm a big fan of Team Ninja's Itagaki-san, but this is just wrong.

As I walked off, with no interest whatsoever in seeing Paris Hilton, I thought about what had happened at the door. It was terribly ironic. I understand that the guard simply didn't know who he was, but still you've got to laugh at the facts: At the largest game convention of the year, we have one of the world's top game developers trying to get in the door, and he's stopped by Paris Hilton.

Here's a link to the story over at DailyGame.net.

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