A Fly In the Ointment

It's Tuesday and it's a bit chilly outside and raining quite heavily. My mountain bike ride tonight has been cancelled on account of several days of rain and the trails being quite sensitive to erosion this time of year, and my desire to go running just hopped the last train out of town. All I want to do is make another pot of coffee and work. Work straight through the afternoon till six o'clock when Kristin gets home then make dinner and flip on the Mariners game.

But I need to train. I took yesterday off as a scheduled recovery day following nine straight days of training, but with an off-road duathlon this coming Saturday, I can't get afford to get too lazy. It's bad enough I'll have to go light on Friday as it is. Perhaps I'll just do 1,000 jumpropes and some light lifting in the garage? I don't know. A thousand is a nice round number. Enough to make me feel like I actually did something today. I hate days like this.

Anyway, for what it's worth, this week's plan of attack:

Monday: recovery day
Tuesday: 4 mile run, 15 mile mountain bike ride
Wednesday: 8 mile trail run
Thursday: 30 mile group road bike ride
Friday: 3 mile run
Saturday: Race Day (10k run - 25k mtn bike - 5k run)
Sunday: 5 mile trail run

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