Games For Sale

Just an update on my videogame sell-off.

I've now sold roughly 65 games from my collection for a little over $800 and, according to my list over at IGN, there's still over 300 games left. Some of these are obviously off-limits for one reason or another, but many are not.

Here's the link to the updated collection. If you see anything you like, shoot me an email to with your requests and I'll give you a price quote. You can then send the money via paypal and I'll get the games out to you the day after the payment clears.

So far, the sell-off has not only freed up some space on my shelves for the next generation of games, but it also bought me a kayak. Kristin's boss is selling me his Canon 20D with an 18-55mm lens, so if you'd like to help outfit me with a better camera and also want some well-cared-for games at a good price, send me a request.

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