Greetings from NC

Sorry for the total lack of posts in a week. I left Sunday night (after watching the Seahawks kick the *bleeping* *bleep* out of the Giants at Qwest Field) and have been working on-site about 9am to midnight every day since. Everything here is going well (other than my inability to sleep -- what can I say, I sleep better when my wife is next to me) regarding the project -- I've already received all of the map files and other assets we requested for the guidebook; I've been getting in an hour or two with the multiplayer mode each and every day (it is incredibly fun); and the walkthrough for the single player campaign is coming along nicely. This is going to be a great book for a great game.

The crew here at Epic has really been great to work with and their committment to making this game a total success is evident everywhere you look. It's remarkable how much polish the game has received since my visit in August -- it's absolutely certain that this will definitely be the X360 hit of the year (I'm on my third trip through the game now and there's no doubt in my mind regarding that last comment). I can't wait for my assistant to get here next week so I can begin writing the Co-Op strategy. That's going to be a blast. Not to mention the days of multiplayer I have to look forward to.

But anyway, as for my lack of posts, it's probably going to continue until I head home on the 9th of October. Which kind of sucks, especially since this Sunday is my birthday and I'll be spending it alone, in a conference room, playing Gears of War. Actually, when I put it that way, that sounds like a pretty freaking good day if you ask me.

Of course, it will be even nicer if the Seahawks can curb-stomp the Bears on Sunday Nigt Football. Prime time, baby!

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