They Take Their Games a Bit Too Serious in Philly

This is just sick, but allow me to summarize.

A 25-year old man punched his 17-month old baby girl in the face twice after she yanked too hard on the wires extending from his videogame console and knocked it over. The force of the blows killed her. The mother of the baby is 8-months pregnant and was upstairs sleeping when it happened.

It's not uncommon to hear parents yelling at their kids to go to bed while the parent sits on the couch playing Xbox Live. I've heard it several times. Just the other night, I got a good laugh from hearing a lady, somebody's momma, screaming at her kids "Don't make momma get off the couch while she's playing Burnout. You get your asses upstairs and I'll be up in a few minutes to say goodnight!" She never left the game for over an hour. How rough would that be for a kid; having to go to bed early on a school night while your mom is downstairs playing Xbox Live and cussing up a storm?

But there's a big difference between being sidetracked or acting lazy towards a kid old enough to brush his own teeth and punching an infant square in the face. Twice. I'm not sure what the legal terminology for that difference is but I hope it involves electrocution or lethal injection or maybe even a noose or a guillotine (not sure what Pennsylvania's options are). It's one thing to get upset and curse or throw a controller or pound the couch while playing videogames, we all do that. And yes, sometimes someone trips on the wire and the console falls (thankfully most consoles have moved to wireless controllers now), and while it might warrant a tongue-lashing and you might be extremely pissed, I fail to see how someone can be so off their rocker that they think it's okay to punch a baby. It's not. I don't even have nor want kids, and I know you don't punch babies. How could a dad possibly not understand that?

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