Human Tissue For Transplant

The doorbell rings and it's Fed-Ex. By the time I put down my lunch and get to the door, the driver is back in his truck and the package is left at my doorstep. What can this be, I wonder.

I turn the package over in my hands and see the following sticker in the upper right-hand corner.

The sticker reads, "Human Tissue for Transplant" and "Medical Emergency" yet the Fed-Ex driver just leaves it at the door. He must have been thinking exactly what I was thinking -- it's just a joke. A friend and I accidentally took home a shirt from one another when we were in Cleveland last month and I knew he was sending it back soon. I check the return address and see it was shipped from Edison, NJ address. Yep, it's from my friends. And yes, my missing t-shirt was inside the box.

Good one, Remy. You almost got me thinking there was something gooey and disgusting inside. Almost. Problem is I know these guys too well and know to never take anything at face value. Especially when it's from Middlesex County, NJ.

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