Why are Giants Fans so Dumb?

Given my love of the Seahawks and my Central Jersey roots, it was inevitable that I would be engaged in mass quantities of trash talking with my friends from the wrong coast leading up to this week's game between the Seahawks and Giants. Some of you may remember The 12th Man being so loud last year that the Giants offense stumbled their way through 11 false-start penalties. They then botched 3 consecutive field goal attempts and lost the game in overtime. So, yes, there is some excitement leading up to this game.

But I couldn't help but notice that in the Yahoo Pick 'Em tournament in which you pick the winners of each matchup for the week that Giants fans, collectively, are ranked 31st out of the 32 groups of fans. The only fanbase ranked worse than them are Raiders fans and, well, that's pretty much self-explanatory. Seahawk fans, naturally a more enlightened lot, are ranked 4th overall.

Of course, the problem for the Giants fans could just be the water, as their roommate Jets fans come in at 28th overall. Not a whole lot better for the Meadowlands' resident spelling bee wizzes. Actually, it's probably not the water, but the air. New Jersey and New York fans are ranked 37th and 42nd respectively of the 52 regions included in the rankings. Fans from my fair Evergreen State, in comparison, are ranked 8th.

So, to all my Giants fans out there, please don't take me calling you dumb personal. I know you can't help it. It's the environment in which you choose to reside.

Can't wait till Sunday. And yes, I will be texting you everytime the Seahawks score. You know who you are.

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