Heavenly Star

Lumines 2, the sequel to everybody's favorite PSP game is due out this fall and the first of the game's many music videos has made its way to the Internet. For those who haven't played Lumines, it's a block-falling puzzle game not totally unlike Tetris or Bejeweled but features an incredibly soothing electronica and J-pop soundtrack and a overly trippy graphical style. The sequel, Lumines 2, is taking the importance of music in the game by making the already beautifully distracting backgrounds full-blown music videos. Yes, it can be distracting, and it is a bit much on the eyes, but so what? This is Lumines at it its best.

And if the first video, "Heavenly Star" is any sign of what's to come, this will definitely be a must-buy when it releases.

Watch the music video here.

And don't forget that a version of the original Lumines is being tailored to Xbox Live Arcade and will be available for download in the coming weeks as well!

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