Fox News Ignorance Runneth Over

Warning: The following video is enough to make anybody with any knowledge about the game Mass Effect want to smash their monitor. Normally, I wouldn't ever ever link to anything from Fox News (just as I try my hardest to avoid their top advertisers) but this bit of "reporting" is so grotesquely incorrect and so blatantly filled with lies, that I can't let it slide.

The videogame Mass Effect does not feature, nor contain in any way, shape or form, interactive sex. There is not a single second of full-frontal nudity in the entire game. There is nothing to do with sex in the game at all, except for a very short, heavily-shadowed scene between two women aliens that involves some kissing and a momentary silhouetted view of an alien's breast. And in order to actually see this scene you have to whittle your way through a lengthy dialogue tree at a very specific point in the game. The game is over 30 hours in length and Fox News is taking a split-second side-view of an alien's breast and saying the game is "Luke Skywalker meets Debbie Does Dallas".

This is why Fox News is an oxymoron.

This is why people have been able to write entire books devoted to the lies this network spills (with footnotes).

This is why Keith Olberman has to come on every night on MSNBC and serve as the Fox Network's Omnibudsman even though he works for a rival network.

If they're this willing to propagate outright lies about something as unimportant as the videogame Mass Effect, just imagine what they're willing to say about stuff like war, the economy, disease, etc., etc. And what happens when they actually have an informed guest on the show? They immediately cut him off, shout over his head, and cut the camera away so that they never have to dare hear a contrary opinion.

It's not reporting. It's not news. It's complete and utter ignorance hand-picked by Rupert Murdoch to push the company agenda and their own collective political doctrine.

But hey, who am I to tell you what to watch. If you like being lied to, keep at it. Enjoy.

After all, Fox News knows their audience. They know they types of things their audience believe and want to be told. And they know not to upset the customer, especially if little things like "facts" and "research" get in the way.

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Brad Gallaway said...

Jesus Christ, that Fox news clip was absolutely disgusting... I'm not really a Geoff Keighley fan, but props to him for sticking up for the game when they obviously didn't give a rat's about what he had to say.

I mean, listen to the comments from the panel... the insipid Skywalker comment, the "what happened to Pong and Atari" comment, and the whole thing about games make it harder to be a parent...?

I can't wait until our society's media is infiltrated by people who actually PLAY GAMES so we'll stop having such grossly misinformed and misleading claptrap spewing over the airwaves.

good thing i don't watch fox, my blood pressure couldn't take it.