What's the Bladder With You People?

Kristin and I were headed into Target on Tuesday and both of us were making a bee-line for the bathroom.

"Do you think the human population has ever peed enough to fill the Atlantic Ocean?" I was honestly curious.

Kristin, by now used to my ridiculous remarks, tried to brush it aside, "Well, it all goes to the same place and evaporates and it doesn't really matter."

"Yes, I'm familliar with the hydrologic cycle. I'm the one with a degree in geology remember? But, seriously, there's about 6 billion people on this planet peeing 3 to 4times a day. How many days do you think it would take for all of us to fill the Atlantic Ocean with pee?"

Kristin rolled her eyes, quickened the pace, and disappeared into the ladies room inside Target. It was the last we spoke of it, but I had yet to relieve my curiosity. I had to know.

So let's do some math. About pee.

*Statistics taken from Wikipedia.com

- There are currently 6.6 billion people on planet Earth, give or take a whole bunch.
- The average human pees 1.5 liters of urine a day.
- The Atlantic Ocean is said to contain 354,700,000 cubic-kilometers of seawater.

So how long would it take the human population to fill the Atlantic Ocean's basin with pee?

A long freaking time, that's how.

Humans pee roughly 9,900,000,000 liters of urine a day.

This sounds like a whole bunch of pee, but it's actually only 0.0099 cubic-kilometers of liquid. In other words, we pee 1% of 1 cubic-kilometer per day as a species.

And the Atlantic Ocean, remember, has 354,700,000 cubic-kilometers of volume.

This means it would take 358,282,828 days to fill the ocean's basin.

Or 98,159,678 years.

100 million years worth of pee!

Holy shit!


Maarten said...

Holy shit!

I sure hope that's foreshadowing a future post! :-)

Criscipline said...

And that's just one of the oceans!

Brandon said...

So funny that you post this topic now. I just returned from Harborview hospital after surgery number SEVEN on my left tib-fib. I have always had a problem "voiding" after surgery due to the anesthesia and narcotic pain meds. I just spent the past two days with nothing on my mind but trying to pee! so that they would release me and I could go home! Many times when they removed the Folley cath I would end up with more than 800cc's of urine in my bladder, OUCH! I finally had to have urology intervene and I am now taking Flowmax (old man prostrate medicine!) and I went home with a stooopid leg bag and cath, AAAaarrrrgh!

I goto see the pee pee doc at the end of the week so wish me luck!

Oh by the way I my leg surgery went GREAT! The doc removed some hardware and replaced the rod in my tibia with a bigger better Ti rod and now it is time to let the healing FINISH!! I will be ready for the CCP100 and maybe even the 24hr solo race in May...?!?!?