Last One... I'm Serious

Honorable Mention to Fatal Frame.

Sure, a game about young Japanese girl who "kills" ghosts by taking their picture with an old-timey camera sounds kind of lame, but oh no. Playing this game in the dark, at night, with the surround sound cranked up is like staring at the sun -- you can't help but do it, no matter how much it hurts.

Scariest. Game. Ever.

And to think I never played the sequel yet. Sometime I really think I must hate myself.

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Brad Gallaway said...

Eh, the sequels all suck. i guarantee that if you try to go back and play either FF2 or 3, you'll be put off by how last-last-gen the level designs and limitations feel. keep the memories of FF1 (which i also second as a hellaciously frightening game, for at least the first few hours) and don't tarnish them with diminished sequels.