A Hippie to the Hippie to the Hip, Hip-Hop

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, but I never really had the time to log on during my brief trip to Los Angeles this week (more about that later).

Anyway, here's a status report on my hip: It sort-of, kinda, still hurts.

In my medical expertise (which is slightly more than that of your average housecat) I would surmise that I do indeed have a bone bruise, but that the hip bone itself is not fractured, cracked, nor splintered. There is no more swelling or discolaration -- on my skin that is, I'm not sure what color the bone is but I imagine its white -- and it feels pretty fine most of the day.

Then occasionally I'll turn a certain way or roll over in bed or on the couch and it reminds me of the fall. Not fall as in autumn, but fall as in me on the ground writhing in pain.

I took Monday through Wednesday off from training, but I'm going to get back on the trainer tonight and hopefully be able to get through another Strendurance workout after putting in some miles on the bike. I have to admit though that this weather we're having up here is not making me wanting to go out and ride. I don't mind cold. I don't mind rain. But I definitely do mind them combined. Peanut butter and chocolate they sure as hell aren't!

And yes, I definitely did have to reference this clip for the proper wording of the title of this post.

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