I was trying to remember the word our host in Los Angeles used to describe the style of Japanese restaurant we were at, and I'm happy to report I found it... thanks to www.seattledining.com.

This place on 2nd Ave sounds very similar to the restaurant I ate at the other day and, frankly, I can't wait to pay this place a visit. Of course I can all but guarantee my friend Brad is going to beat me to it after reading this...

Wann Japanese Izakaya 2020 2nd Ave, Seattle Belltown Izakaya restaurants in Japan are informal restaurants/bars where sharing plates and relaxing over drinks is the way to unwind. Wann serves shochu, a drink they say is overtaking sake in popularity. Food items include Kobe beef tongue steak, mussels, yakitori, sashimi, rolls, all kinds of seafood, short ribs and more. Dark, cool and simple inside, Wann offers the Izakaya experience. Specializing in Sushi, Japanese,


Brad Gallaway said...

I'm in the car, on m way down now... I'll let you know how it was. ; )

Jackie said...

Ohh, it sounds like a place I went to in Vancouver! It was great, and while I am a sake drinker, I did find the shochu quite refreshing.