Oh Internet, How I Love Thee

I received my first games-related assignment nearly 8 years ago. The gig? Writing the 1-900 "tip lines" strategy for that piece of infamous shovelware known as Daikatana.

I've long since forgotten about the wasted weeks spent playing that over-hyped turd of a game but thanks to the egomaniacal jackasses whose names were attached to it, I can now sit here and have a good laugh. It seems John Romero of "Suck It Down" fame and Mike Wilson, the CEO of their little development house, are reliving the past and having a good ol' fashioned flame-war right out there in public for all to see and laugh at.

Romero fired first with this:

It got much worse at Godgames where he pretty much just partied all the time and after the whole thing got reined in by Take 2 he went underground for a while, waiting for his next victim/investor so he could go hogwild all over again. And thus was born Gamecock.

Thus prompting a lengthy, far-more-brutal response from Wilson that included this gem:

I'm also grateful for your concern over my incessant partying, which has somehow led me to be married to the same beautiful woman for 17 years now, while raising two incredible daughters together. You should maybe try the partying, since your unparalleled work ethic and strong character has (just in the time I've known you) left only a bloody trail of ex-wives, fatherless kids, and ill advised breast implants strewn across this fair nation, even before you flew all the way to Romania for your latest wife. If she's not still around, let me know, and I'll see if I can pick another one up for you here in Russia.

If you'd like to read the whole conversation (and I really recommend you do for laughs) then you can find the link right here at Voodoo Extreme.

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