At Least We Agree on Something

The Prez makes some solid picks for his baseball dream team.

The mention of Roy Halladay reminds me of an interesting conversation I had this weekend in Squamish. I'm sitting at the bar watching the Canadian version of ESPN (too little humor, too much hockey) and the bartender comes over to me to strike up conversation. I had said nothing more than "I'll have a Molson and the lasagna" to her up to this point.

Her: "The Jays got that great pitcher, eh?"

Me: "Yeah, Halladay is really good."

Her: "We're lucky to have him, he's a legend. I think this is their year."

Me: "Maybe. They're in a really tough division though."

Her: "Really? Who else is in their division?"

Me: "Well, the Yankees and Red Sox for starters."

Her: "Wow. When did they join the Jays' division?"

Me: "About a hundred years ago, if I'm not mistaken. Perhaps you'd rather talk about hockey?"

She didn't. And I was glad, too, because what I know about hockey could fit in a shot glass.

(and yes, I realize that technically the AL East wasn't around in 1908, but the teams were).

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