A Proper Pint, a Wii, and an Xbox 360

Whether you know it or not, chances are good that you have a neighborhood pub that hosts a weekly trivia night. It's a very popular weeknight activity for those who like to go out with friends "on a work night", have a drink or two, and try to impress strangers with the size of their, ahem, brains.

A new Irish-themed pub opened on Snoqualmie Ridge a couple months ago. It's called Finaghty's and, shockingly, it doesn't suck. I'm not sure what makes it an Irish pub other than the collection of whiskey, the Guinness on tap, and the fact that all of the plasma screen televisions have the same horrendous problem with them: they're perpetually showing soccer. But, the place isn't bad. It's nice inside, the prices are reasonable, and unlike the other establishments on "the Ridge", this one doesn't feature a bunch of screaming kids.

Anyway, Finaghty's too has a trivia night. It's on Tuesdays. But rather than pay a trivia host to set up shop each week and yell out questions over a microphone, the staff at Finaughty's instead sets up an Xbox 360 and plugs in a copy of Scene-It: Lights, Camera, Action. They pass out the four Big Button controllers and teams (or individuals) vie for movie trivia supremacy. I expect they'll be very keen on adding Wits and Wagers to the mix tomorrow when it comes out on XBLA. Most of the bar's televisions are mounted high on the walls away from the ceiling, but they have one that's at eye level and they provide four cube-shaped beanbag chairs for guests to sit and play games on.

They also have a Wii set up and space cleared for people to play Wii Sports. I'm going to refrain from making a joke about the televised soccer matches and the quality of the "competition" on Wii Sports in the interest of brevity, but do know my thoughts are scathing.

(and you can thank me later for not making the absolutely obvious joke about drinking too much beer and taking a Wii)

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