Unspeakable Horror Befalls the House of Walsh

It was only a matter of time. I knew this day would come, but I couldn't predict how painful the loss would be or how sudden the emptyness... no, the darkness would set upon our home. It's with great remorse that I report that the the lamp on our Samsung DLP television died today. It died doing what it loved, projecting the Cubs/Cardinals game on ESPN-HD.

R.I.P. BP96-00608A 2004-2008.

DLP lamps only live to be about 5000 hours old. We never celebrated any birthdays for it nor marked any special hourly millenia milestones, but if our little lamp did indeed live a full life, I hope it leaves this place knowing that the 3.6 hours of on-average light it shed (through millions of tiny mirrors) over the past 1,366 days brought great joy to our lives and will be missed.

But so is the life of the members of the lampus bulbicus species and we mustn't dwell in the past. It's uncomfortable to discuss such matters so soon after its passing, but a replacement bulb has already been ordered through www.dlplampsource.com for $159. The price includes free two-day shipping and a 1 year warranty. We anxiously await the arrival of our little one.

I briefly considered opting for the overnight express delivery, but decided against it. After all, that's just in poor taste.

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