Naturally Raised Burritos

Spent most of the day on the couch with a fever and mild nausea today so I couldn't get around to posting anything. Hopefully I can kick this bug and get out on the bike tomorrow or, more importantly, feel good enough to drive the 4+ hours to Squamish, British Columbia on Friday for a race this weekend.

Anyway, I wanted to point out a terrific article about Chipotle Mexican Grill that's in this week's issue of Newsweek. Chipotle is one of my absolute favorite places to eat, not only because the food is delicious and pretty inexpensive, but because the ingredients are of a very high quality and their company practices are tremendously impressive for what amounts to little more than a fast-food restaurant.

With over 700 restaurants in the US now, you've got to have one by you. And if you've never been to Chipotle, do indeed get over there and try it out.

Here's my $5.95 go-to burrito:

Barbacoa beef
rice (with lime & cilantro -- it's awesome!)
black beans
chopped tomato
green tomatillo salsa
sour cream (a little)
lettuce (a little)

Take a plastic knife and cut it in half, straight through the foil, shake some chipotle-flavored tobasco onto it and use the knife to jab the sauce down into the burrito. Voila!

You must also get a bag of chips, but forego the salsa or guac. You don't need it. The chips have a light bit of lime and sea-salt on and are best eaten plain. So good!


webchump said...

I didn't know McDonald's had sold off Chipotle, that's good to know.

It's not entirely clear from the article, but it sounds like Chipotle set up its business approach *before* McDonald's divested. That makes me wonder why McD thought it wasn't worth holding on to Chipotle--and it somewhat contradicts the article's claim that Chipotle will change the fast food industry from the inside, since they were on the inside and got booted out.

All of that is just curiosity--what they're doing is very cool. Thanks for the link.

Maarten said...

Uhm, whoops, that was me. :-)