All Aboard for XBLA!

They did it again. Everytime I really need to focus on work or on packing for a trip or something else, Microsoft goes ahead and releases another must-have digital board game for its Xbox Live Arcade service. This time it's the very popular Ticket to Ride, a strategy board game that pits players in competition to link North American cities with various rail lines. And it's available for 800 points tomorrow. The game is set in the nineteeth century (I suspect the inevitable sequel, Amtrak Deregulation Station, will be out later this fall - I kid) and seems to pack in quite a bit of charm with its strategy.

Watch the video of how to play the board game version of Ticket to Ride right here.

This, like Catan and Carcassonne, is another one of those games I've held in my hands countless times and never bought on account of not having enough people on hand to play it with. Sure, it can be played with just two players, but that gets old very quickly. Hopefully this game plays well enough on XBLA that it can draw a sizeable crowd of board gamers just like Catan, in which case there might still be people playing it in a few weeks when I have some time to commit to it.

In the meantime, check out the screenshots of the game and look for me online briefly in the mornings -- I'm sure to be playing while I have my coffee.

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