Dancing Around the World

Came across this travel journal yesterday called, Where the Hell is Matt? and it's pretty incredible. Matt is a 31-year old Seattleite who lucked into a sponsorship deal with the Stride gum company to travel the world and make a video that, quite simply, guarantees to put a smile on your face.

Watch the video, smile, enjoy the human spirit, the scenery, the music, and bookmark it. Make watching it part of your daily ritual, like taking your cholesterol drugs or your birth-control pill. Watch it with your morning cup of coffee, or while brushing your teeth. You'll be in a better mood instantaneously.

Click the video to go to the Youtube site and select "watch in high quality" to get a much better resolution.

And those who can't get enough can watch the outtakes right here.


Criscipline said...

Love it! Thanks for sharing. I like the outtakes too.

Joe said...

This video is moving in ways I can't articulate and don't completely understand. It has to be inspirational to you, with your trip planned. ;)

Doug Walsh said...

That's a good way of saying it, Joe.

I think a lot of it is the music and the perfect, yet subtle, synchronization between the clips and the flow of the music.

I just wish he chose a better backdrop for Seattle than Gasworks Park. Atop Queene Anne hill or in front of Pike Place Market would have been much nicer. LOL!