Super Torture Super Century

The crazy hill-loving Frenchman who brought us the Native Planet Classic this past weekend is leading a 127 mile King County jaunt this weekend (with 13,000 feet of climbing). I spoke with J-Phillipe about this ride on Saturday and he said that of the 100 or so who attempted it last year, only 12 finished.

Be among the first to ride the epic super-century that all PNW cyclists will soon be talking about! All experienced riders, regardless of their physical fitness, will find both distance and hills that will challenge them, but with an option they may survive. The Native Planet Super Torture—Super Century is by far the most challenging ride in the Seattle area. In 2007 less than 12% of those who attempted it were able to finish it. The fastest people took 11 hours to ride the entire course. Climbers, if you think you can go the distance, here is a challenge for you! Invite all your friends to come and ride with us on this challenging local ride. Choose the metric century (60 miles), the super-century (127 miles) or from many other options, and test yourself on the region's best hills.

If you're interested in the route, check it out right here.

I'll be sitting this one out.

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