Back from my weekend in NJ (Eric, you have 1 week to collect your Tastykakes else I eat them) and am unpacked, my office is cleaned up, and I'm about to dig into not one but two projects for the Xbox 360. I've had about a month off since finishing my last book (guidebook giveaways galore in September) and unfortunately spent most of that time pretty sick, Nevertheless, it's good to be back to work.

I'll make a proper post in the morning about my trip. In the meantime I'll leave you with the following signature I saw on a message board tonight.

My Pokémon bring all the nerds to the yard, and they're like, you wanna trade cards? Darn right, I wanna trade cards, I'll trade this but not my Charizard.

I'm going to blame thinking that is funny on the jet-lag and the fact that I got on a plane in a city where it was 103 degrees and got off in one where it was 48 degrees. That and the onset of depression from the fact that 6 to 12 inches of fresh snow is falling tonight in the mountains near my house. At this rate, I might be able to ride my favorite trails by the end of August...

Of 2010.

Might it be time to invest in a Pugsley?

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Anonymous said...

Darn it, I didn't know you were taking food orders before you left....