The Forecast Calls for Pain!

The Cascade Creampuff course has been 98% finalized and I believe Kristin summed it up rather nicely when she said, "That doesn't sound like fun."

It's going to be a two-lap race with each lap being roughly 54 miles in length with approximately 7,000 feet of elevation gain. Most of the climbing is done on forest roads, almost all of the descending is reportedly on singletrack. Nevertheless, there will be four 3,000 feet ascents over the course of the 100+ mile long course.

I was planning on leading a BBTC ride covering the infamous Triple Crown in the Greenwater area near Mount Rainier. There's no longer a need. The CCP is essentially a quadruple crown... against the clock.

Four mountain passes on 6/21 on the road bike and four more on 6/29 on the mountain bike. If this doesn't get me in shape, nothing will.


Anonymous said...

Awesome. I love to climb mountain, I really do.


Brian said...

You, sir, are an animal.