China's Great Firewall

I know, who would have expected two posts about China in the same week?

Anyway, thanks to my lovely bride for sending me this CNN link about just how invasive China's internet filtering is.

China employs a complex system of filters and an army of tens of thousands of human monitors to survey the country's 140 million Internet users' surfing habits and surgically clip sensitive content from in front of their eyes.

Its stability-obsessed government says the surveillance machinery, commonly known as the Great Firewall," is necessary to let Internet users enjoy a "healthy" online environment and build a "harmonious" society.

In addition to not allowing its countrymen to view my blog, as Brian alerted me to the other day, the Chinese are also not allowed to view Flick'r, YouTube, or a host of other sites of their ilk. You know, all of the good stuff.


Anonymous said...

My best friend from college has lived in china for the past year and a half. He had to get around all the blocking by using proxy servers. At work, his company has a proxy out of Isreal, so the sites are not blocked. It's pretty crazy how everything is blocked, but you can get around it if you know how.

Anonymous said...

Oh, that comment was from Erica by the way....