Still Your Father's China

I just got an email from Brian, one of the members of the Arrogant Bastard racing team I was hanging out with at the Spokane race. Brian is currently in Shanghai and, despite all of the wonderful advancements China has made recently towards capitalism, they still have a long way to go.

"FYI, looks like your blog is blocked here in China! Well, OK, not just your blog, but it looks like a bunch of blog sites are blocked here in China. You don't get any kind of punative message - when you try to surf to them, they either redirect to a Chinese version of the main blog page or your browser just times out (which is what happens when I try to hit yours). I guess I have to remember that I am in a communist country!"

Just another case of the man trying to hold me down. Or, in this case, several billion men on the other side of the planet. Thanks for writing about this Brian, now please hurry back to the United States, as it pains me to no end to think that 25% of my readership will be unable to read about my attempt at bowling last night.

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