The Return of Sodo Mojo

To everyone who feels that it's cool to assume the Mariners suck and are in last place, please note that they have won 16 of their last 20 games, are 3 games out of first place in the AL West, only one game out of the Wildcard, are 9 games over .500, and sport a top-three batting average and bullpen ERA in the American League.

I know the team has "sucked for so long" what with them having had the audacity to not make the playoffs in 4 years, but there's no reason to dis on them. Especially since it's clear that you have no idea what you're talking about. It's quite okay to simply say, "I don't follow the M's" if you catch me talking about them, but really, there's no reason to sigh, roll your eyes, or make ridiculous comments about the ineptitude you believe they exude. It only shows you to be a fair-weather fan at best and, at worse, proof positive that the Seattle area does indeed suck as a sports town.


Maarten said...

The Mariners... is that that team that's moving to Renton?



Doug Walsh said...

I was hoping someone would reply with something that would make me laugh.

Thanks. :-)

But, seriously, you can't blame the superstars players that come through for leaving for brighter lights; this place is such a G-rated fair-weather sports town, it makes me sick. The fact that Nintendo [sort-of] owns the Mariners is so fitting, Hollywood couldn't have written a better script.