The Month Ahead

Is going to be very, very good.

You see, once again, I am fortunate enough to be writing the guidebook for what I expect to be the game of the year -- no, not Halo 3 -- and I look forward to beginning soon.

To help show you why I'm so excited, I direct you here.

And if you're looking for additional reading, please consider this excellent article.

Lastly, for those with Xbox Live access, do indeed download the free trailers and gameplay videos. The game is called Bioshock and I am one lucky dude. As in the past, you will not see another word about the game from me until it's mid-August release. However, I will post links to videos or other articles that are made public that I think you might be interested in.

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Criscipline said...

I want to see this made into a movie. It really sounds awesome.