Toothpicks, Lightbulbs, and Gummi Worms

One of our new favorite shows to watch is called "How It's Made" on the Science Channel. Each thirty minute episode has four topics and, in just 6 minute segments, shows you the complete manufacturing process for one of the items that are so commonplace in our lives. The show takes you inside the manufacturing facility and gives you a close-up video tour of how it's made. The narration is pretty good too, as they feed you plenty of amazing statistics like the weight of the roll of aluminum used to make aluminum soda cans or how many tootpicks can be made from a single six-foot long birch log.

The show usually strings multiple episodes back-to-back like some sort of rock block for geeks and I promise you once you start watching it you won't be able to stop. We've seen segments on diamond jewelry, wooden doors, lightbulbs, gummy worms, toothpicks, tubs, soda cans, and the list goes on and on. And the show is perfect for those with ADD as the action is fast, the segments are short, and the background music reminds me of the pinball bit from Sesame Street.

Here's a link to a listing of all the items they've already covered. I really wish I had seen the episode on kayaks and cereal.


Anonymous said...

That show is so addicting. Love it!


Anonymous said...

If you like that show, you'll probably like Unwrapped on the Food Network too. It's sounds just like it, but with food products. Erica and I are hooked!