Are You Saying I Could be Stuck in Wichita?

We leave tonight at 10:05pm for the red-eye to Newark, NJ and wouldn't you know it, but there are two big wintery storms headed towards the northeast.

The "Double Dose of Northeast Storms" article is front-and-center on Accuweather's website. D'oh.

Aside from flying into Newark (and departing on Sunday) right when the two storms should be at their fiercest, we're also planning on taking the train into NYC to meet Kristin's sister for breakfast on Friday. Then renting a car to drive to the northwest corner of NJ for a wedding at a ski hill.

Why do I have this feeling that I'm going to wake up yelling, "Those aren't pillows!" sometime during the next 96 hours? I better keep Kristin close just in case.

Driving in the snow and sleet and whatever doesn't faze me in the least out here. I have my Element and everyone is required to carry chains and/or have studded tires for the mountain passes. But in NJ? In a rental car?

This should be an interesting next couple of days. Fortunately, most of my friends are headed to the hotel for a last-rites pre-party on Friday, then there's an open bar at the wedding, and the after-party is already sounding like it could be the highlight of the weekend.

I just worry for some of my friends making the drive with very-pregnant wives (the guys who got married in Hawaii (2005) and Costa Rica (2006) are already expecting). Speaking of those guys, what's with this wedding being in NJ? In December? I was really liking going to all of these destination weddings. Much better than a banquet hall. Less crowded too!

Oh well, this will be the first traditional wedding we've gone to in about 8 years. I just hope I'm not stuck sitting next to somebody's 80 year-old uncle with a drooling problem. After all, I believe the bride's family is from Tennessee.

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