Grand Ridge Trail Work

Met up with the Washington Trails Association (WTA) today to help with some trail building being done on the Grand Ridge trails over in Issaquah. Joined the group at 8:30 this morning and, after the mandatory safety lecture on proper tool usage, a dozen or so folks clad in hard-hats and carrying shovels, grub-hoes and pulaskis marched a mile or so down the trail from the road crossing to the new super-secret not-yet-opened reroute trail.

My oh my, what a nice trail. The country and WTA are working to keep this section of trail off-limits for a year or so, so that it will have time to properly settle before all of the hikers, bikers, and horses hit it. Of course, those who know where it is find it hard to wait. And I can't blame them... it's sweet.

The WTA will back out at Grand Ridge in April to work on a re-route around the major mud-bogs where the trail swerves closer to the houses. This stretch of trail is forever wet and muddy, even in the summer, and I will be sure to be back out there to help with the re-route, as those mud-bogs are the primary reason I don't ride this trail as often as I otherwise would.

Dave Schuldt, another BBTCer, posted some pics from the work party on MTBR today, which you can see right here.

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