Reason to Smile

I was flipping through the Reuters photos on Yahoo tonight and came across a photo that you may have seen -- it's of a two-year old Indian girl who has four arms and four legs. There's no way to put it mildly, her condition is extremely unsettling and most unpleasant to witness. Yet, I couldn't help but notice how pretty the little girl was and what a nice smile she has. And I thought that if this little girl -- who many would consider a genetic mistake or worse -- could sit and smile for the camera then really what reason does anyone have to be upset?

See the photo here.

It seems a lot of people, myself included, all too often get disproportionately upset about the most inconsequential of tribulations and annoyances in our lives. We grit our teeth, we fume, we complain, and we become momentarily overwrought with sadness, madness, frustration, and anger. And, if we're to be honest, we do it over nothing.

And yet here sits a little girl with four arms and legs, smiling at the world and seemingly not knowing that she should be sad. You just never know when inspiration will cross your path.

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Erica said...

I've heard that people in India believe her to be an incarnation of the Hindu Goddess Vishnu who has 4 arms (and i believe 4 legs). I think she had surgery to have the parasitic twin removed, and people were all in a tizzy.