Tomorrow: Something New

For one reason or another, Kristin and I have lost interest in downhill skiing and snowboarding and after taking a year off from winter sports (actually, I mountain biked nearly every day last winter), we've decided to finally give snowshoeing a try. So, tonight we head down to the new REI in Issaquah to pick up our rental shoes (MSR Denalis) and in the morning we're going to head to the Steven's Pass Nordic Center to give it a go on their maintained network of snowshoe trails.

If we enjoy it as much as we expect to then we'll likely hit a little bit of the backcountry on Tuesday morning and then maybe make the drive to Mt. Rainier on New Years Day. Considering the mountain passes around here have gotten over 47" of snow in the past week, we figure the prospects for a white Christmas in the Cascades will be 100%. Pictures will follow!

There's not a lot of snowshoe-specific trails,
but plenty for a couple newbies like us.

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