Guidebook Giveaway: Achievements Guide

If you've been to Gamestop in the past two months you may have seen a book that listed the Achievements for about 200 or so Xbox 360 games. It was big and bulky and contained lots of cheat codes for PS2 games too. This is not that book. That book merely listed the same in-game information that anyone can gleam from countless websites or by simply popping the disc in and looking at your tv. It didn't actually help you unlock any Achievements, it just told you what they were. It was useless.

No, the book I'm happy to give away four copies of is the one I and my co-authors Joe Epstein, Brad Gallaway, and Jim Morey wrote. Rather than list Achievements for a ton of games that you no longer care about, we wrote detailed Achievement Guides -- 20 to 30 pages per game in most instances -- for the twenty hottest X360 games of winter, 2007 (provided they released before mid-November). The Achievement Guides in the book contain all of the informaition you need to unlock each game's Achievements as fast as you can. Yes, we even tell you about exploits, cheats, and how to boost. We also painstakingly provided lists of item locations for those bastardly collect-a-thon Achievements that are so popular.

I also wrote an additional chapter for the book that covers how to "Earn 10,000 GamerScore in 2 Weeks" for those of you who may be just getting an X360 for Christmas or who never mined any of the older games for quick Achievements. This chapter shows you which games to play, how to play them, and what Achievements to target. Rent or buy used copies of the games mentioned, follow the book's advice for 50 hours, and you'll have an extra 10,000 GamerScore guaranteed (Guarantee void in the case that you really suck at videogames. Or live in Guam.).

If this sounds like a book you're interested in, shoot me an email telling me your X360 Gamertag. I'm going to look up everyone's Gamertags on and the four people who have played the fewest number of games covered in this book will be notified of their winning status and sent a free autographed copy. I haven't received my copies of the book yet. The contest is open until I receive them which should be by the end of the week.

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