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Sitting through four 2.5 hour flights in a 40-hour span isn't fun, but fortunately I did have the Exit Row on two of the flights and although I resisted the temptation on the first three, I happily slid my credit-card through the machine and accessed the DirecTV-equipped monitor on the fourth leg of my journey. Being that I was out of reading material and my laptop battery was running low, I figured it was a good use of $5.

My primary meeting went very well on Wednesday and lunch was fantastic -- I had never been to a Mexican restaurant that made fresh guacamole table-side before. Sure, it's unnecessary, but damn if it wasn't good. Indianapolis has always struck me as a place with nothing to do -- no mountains, no oceans, just stripmalls and a very good NFL team -- but I will say that they do have some pretty cool restaurants. Even if they are all franchises.

I spent a good portion of the day yesterday standing around and chatting with my editors and watching really funny videos on the Internet. Also got to play a new build of the game I'm working on for 2008. Most importantly of all, however, I'm excited about next year and the potential games I might cover. It was a lot of time in the air and I didn't sleep a wink in the hotel Tuesday night, but you can't replace the occasional face-to-face meeting. Even if it is only once every 12-18 months.

Anyway, I'm back, well-rested, the coffee is brewing, and I've got a mountain of work to get done by Tuesday. Making matters slightly worse is that I have to go to school with Kristin tomorrow. For five hours. Ironically, the topic is balancing work and leisure, something my presence at the University all day is going to make harder for me over the short-term. Bastards. Kristin already knows a good number of students who can't bring their significant-others because of work. Something tells me it's those people who need to be there most since the whole idea of us coming is to support the student in our lives. But then again, I've always been amazed by the extent to which some people will put their work above their spouse's interests. Oh well, at least there's a free lunch involved and I'm sure I'll get some good material for the blog.

Let's hope another pipe breaks...

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Maarten said...

I'm completely curious why B-school students are required to bring their partners to school--especially during normal working hours. Hope you'll report back.