Penny-Arcade Goes Shopping for COD4

There's been even more talk about the absurdity of shopping at Gamestop - slash - Electronics Boutique than normal lately thanks to this article by a Gamestop manager. Personally, I've given up on ever shopping in those godforsaken stores ever since my wife asked them about the availability of Donkey Konga for the Gamecube and, instead of being answered, was asked if she'd like to pre-order Halo 2. In person.

So it's with great glee that I read today's post at Penny-Arcade, in which Gabe details his most recent run-in with the ridiculous business practices of these shops. You can read the full article, titled, "My Post" here but I'll provide you with a bit of the censored version for those who wish to not disturb their company's Internet filters.

We went out yesterday afternoon to pick up Call of Duty 4. I was ready to grab it based on Tycho's recommendation. We hit the local EB and we were told they didn't have any copies for customers who didn't pre -order. I looked around at the store. It was full of posters, giant novelty game boxes and cardboard standees all advertising Call of Duty 4. The strategy guide was displayed front and center right there on the counter. But I'm supposed to believe that they didn't receive a single extra copy of the game? They didn't think anyone else might want to buy one? I've never had any kind of problem purchasing games without a pre -order from this store in the past. I've always been able to walk in on launch day and grab as many copies of whatever game I want. Now all of a sudden I'm being told there's no games for me?

Now I don't know if the manager over there John (a.k.a the goblin king) has decided to blacklist us, but something seemed fishy. Other people from the PA crew have had similar experiences in his store since the comic. Someone looking for a game was told by John that he "didn't think they had it." when he was pressed to actually check and see he turned around, glanced at the case behind him and said "nope don't have it." This could just be the sort of classic douchebaggery we've come to expect from him, but I'm starting to think there may be something more sinister going on.

I continued trading in the games I had brought and mentioned to Tycho that we should just run across the street to Best Buy and get COD 4. John piped up from atop his over turned apple crate. "They won't have it until tomorrow" he told us. Actually Best Buy had plenty. In fact they had so many they actually had them stacked next to the registers in case people wanted to buy them. This is what shopping in a *bleeping* store is like! You go in and buy what you want. You can take your 28 confessions and shove them up your *bleeping* *bleep*. How about instead of giving me a 40 paragraph strategy guide so I can shop in your pawn shop without getting screwed you just sell me a game when I ask for it.

This would be really funny if it weren't just true, but commonplace. Frankly, I have no idea why anyone shops in those stores when so many other stores get the same games on launch day and you can just walk in and pick them up. Oh, and speaking of Best Buy, I was in there today and not only picked up a copy of Viva Pinata Party Animals but also set the highest score on "Even Flow" on the in-store Guitar Hero 3 demo. If you happen into the Bellevue Best Buy and see the initials "DUG" on the GH3 scoreboard, know that you have crossed paths with a completely non-heroic guitarist who is merely a medium-sized fish in a tiny pond.

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