Two Xbox Notes

First, attentive readers may notice that the long-time surfer avatar picture is gone from my Gamertag profile. It was time. I only surf once every 18 months or so these days, I sold my board, and frankly I was tired of looking at it. I've wanted to replace it for a while now, but it wasn't until the College Hoops 2K8 Gamer Pics became available that I had a desirable replacement. I don't follow college basketball a whole lot, but I couldn't resist purchasing the Gamer Pic for my tiny 2,000-student alma-mater. I think it's fantastic that all 32 Division I conferences are included in the game and that they made Gamer Pics available for every school in each one of them. The Lafayette Leopards may not make the March Madness tourney as often as they did in the late 90's, but here's to hoping they do.

Secondly, in celebration of Xbox Live's 5-year anniversary they're allowing players to download the game Carcassonne for free. The game is fantastically entertaining and addictive and is definitely one of my favorit Live Arcade games. If you haven't already played it, head online and download a copy now for yourself. Hit me up with a Friend Request and I'll play it with you sometime next week when I have time. Oh, and if you're still on the fence, it's a very easy source of 200 Gamerscore too!


Criscipline said...

I still see the surfer guy.

Doug Walsh said...

Yeah, the site takes a couple hours to update sometimes. It's updated now.

Go 'Pards!