Quality Assurance, 2K6 Style

"It Looks Like it Could Be a Blowout"

That's what the commentators said at the end of the first quarter in the game of NBA 2K6 that I'm currently playing (Achievement hunting for work).

The score is 93-0.

Kobe Bryant already has 40 points, 6 assists, and 12 steals.

After just one quarter. I'm pretty sure it is a blowout at this point. And if not, what does it take to have the game's commentators to believe so. Do I need to be win by 400 points?

That's my goal by the way. No more half-court shots. I'm taking it to the rack!

Whatever that is.

But that's not what's so surprising. The game can't count. It's broken. Utterly. I received in-game "Crib" bonuses for scoring over 140 points in a game when it was 15-0. I received Crib points for a double-double after my first rebound. I was also awarded points for shooting 15 3-pointers when it was only 8-0. I've been awarded so many Crib bonuses for things I haven't done (yet) that I'm left to believe the game multiplies everything you do by a factor of ten.

Someone please do the math cause god knows the crew at Visual Concepts sure as hell didn't.

Gamers can be picky, no doubt. And they can criticize games for a number of ticky-tack reasons.

But I think we should at least expect our sports games to be able to at least keep score properly.

Way to go QA department!

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