For the Overlord!

One other gaming note. I played through the game Overlord last week and must say that if you liked Pikmin on the Nintendo Gamecube but want something a little less Fisher-Priceish, then you have got to give this game a try. Overlord puts you in the position of the evil Overlord, brought back to life to wreak havoc on a peaceful land. You control up to 50 little critters called Minions that, depending on their color, have special abilities (fire, swimming, poison, etc.,). You use your Minions to solve environmental puzzles and to go after all of the quote-unquote Heroes of the land. The Achievements for the game are well thought out, although time-consuming, and there's both online play as well as a pretty fun Dungeon mode where you can battle against huge waves of enemies to gain additional Lifeforce for upgrading items and weapons. The game's lack of an in-game map is its only misstep and, ultimately, isn't too big of a problem thanks to the inclusion of a paper map with the user's manual. Thumbs way up for Overlord.

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