Rock Claw

I've been playing Guitar Hero 3 a lot this week. And by a lot, I mean the following:
  • Monday: Played through every song in Career mode on Easy.
  • Tuesday: Played through Career mode on Medium, 5-starred all songs on Easy.
  • Wednesday: Started playing some songs on Hard, played through entire Co-Op Career mode on Easy. Tried to 5-star more songs on Medium.
  • Thursday: Played through entire Career mode again with "Lefty Flip" on then played the 8-minute, 1102-note song "Through the Fire and Flames" by Dragonforce about 20 times in attempt to get a 1,000 note streak. I failed every time. But I'm getting close...

Career mode, I should point out, has 42 songs. I also played quite a bit of online multiplayer a couple nights this week as well and it's quite reasonable to say that I played close to 300 songs in the past four days. And yes indeed my hands are aching. If this were a real guitar with real metal strings, I am positively certain there'd be drops of blood all over my living room and that typing this post would be physically impossible. So I guess I should be lucky that I'm only only suffering from early-onset arthritis and not typing with my knuckles.

One other thing: I did take a break from GH3 yesterday to play the new XBLA game, Word Puzzle. Yes, the game is basically a digital-version of a word jumble (aka find-a-word) which admittedly sounds like it has all the excitement of an ESPN broadcast of the World Scrabble Championships, however it's actually a pretty good game. And it offers up some very easy Gamerscore if you're into that sort of thing. The stages range from small squares to very large irregular-shaped masses of letters to actual cubes that need to be rotated. There's also a 4-player online multiplayer mode which is really fun when you actually find other humans to play it with. According to the game, there were several times last night when I was the only person in the entire world looking for a match.

I'll be shifting gears away from GH3 later today and diving into the copy of Lego Star Wars II that has been sitting on my shelf since I bought it a long time ago, from a store far, far away. And, lastly, I'll be getting back to some regular mountain biking posts this weekend, if not later tonight starting with a my thoughts concerning my recent foray into the world of single-speeding.

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