Passing in the Rain

This always seems to happen nowadays. There wasn't a single rainy game in the first three seasons at the Seahawks' new Qwest Field, and there normally still isn't.

Unless it's a prime-time game like tonight's Monday Night Football matchup against the 49ers.

Last year we had one prime-time game that started during such heavy rain that the power went out to part of the SoDo neighborhood and the stadium was running on backup power. Another game, against the Packers, happened to take place in the worst snowstorm to hit the metro area in a very long time. It took us nearly 3 hours to drive home because of road closures and thousands of stuck vehicles.

So how's the weather today? Very rainy and windy. The coast was getting blasted with wind gusts up to 70mph through the night and the downtown area of Seattle is experiencing heavy rain and wind gusts around 30 mph. The rain should taper off and the winds might die down, but for a team that is without its starting running back and going to be passing on 80% of its downs tonight, the weather is still going to be less than ideal.

And that stinks for my fantasy team, being that I have Hasselbeck and Engram and I'm currently down by 29 points. My opponent's entire team played yesterday and while I would normally feel pretty confident with my ability to rally with these two players, the weather is an X-factor.

I'm also in a salary cap league with the folks at BradyGames and, for the first time all season, I'm in good position to win this week. Rather good timing if I must say, as I'm flying to Indy tomorrow morning for a meeting. Hopefully, I'll be picking up a little bit of travelling money when I arrive.

That is, if D.J. Hackett can slice through the wind and rain tonight and score me a couple touchdowns.

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