Guest Guesser Update

I wrote back in early October about an 83-year old woman named Mary Sorenson who had been playing the weekly "Guest Guesser" football picks game in the Seattle Time for 56 years and had finally, for the first time, won. Perhaps you remember.

Her win earlier this fall entered her into a Championship Round this past weekend and would you believe she won again? Despite picking Washington State to beat Oregon State, she still beat out the other contest winners for the grand prize.

And now she's going to the Super Bowl. 83-years young and out-guessing the Seattle masses when it comes to NFL and College Football.

That's awesome.

And with that note, I have to get to work. Those who are curious about Kristin's "Take Your Spouse to School Day" will have to wait till tomorrow to hear all about it. But here's a teaser: It wasn't as bad as I expected.

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