Never Give Up

The Seattle Times runs a weekly contest in the fall called "Guess Guesser". Each week they list a combination of 20 NFL and NCAA football games and awards $200 to the person who picks the most games correctly (there are multiple tie-breakers questions). Weekly winners also get entered in the grand prize drawing for a trip to the Super Bowl. I don't follow college football --- other than to laugh in the direction of South Bend, Indiana -- so I don't participate.

One woman who does know a bit about football is the 83 year old lady who won last week's contest. She's been entering the contest ever week it's run since 1951 and this is the first time she's won. For 56 years she circled the teams she thought would win, sent in her entry, and lost. That is until this past weekend when she was the only entry (of 8,919 entries!) who picked 19 of the 20 games correctly. I hope she wins the grand prize and gets to go to the Super Bowl... hopefully to see the Seahawks.

Anybody can enter the Guest Guesser contest. Try your hand here.

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