The Achievements Microsoft Never Warned You About

Thanks to RG reader, Jeff Carter, for the following list of Achievements he believes Microsoft needs to add to their Xbox Live service. It's clear that many of these could be earned with minimal effort by simply playing just one or two games.

Tolerant of Morons - 20 Points
Earn over 500 GamerScore worth of Achievements in Gears of War in Ranked matches.

Calling The Kettle Black - 25 Points
You’ve been labeled with a racial epithet, even though you are not a member of that race.

Who’s Side Are You On Anyway? - 15 Points
You’ve survived an entire round of any game without being team killed.

The Silent Treatment - 10 Points
You are the only person on your team with a microphone.

Xbox Live Idol - 15 Points
You are treated to an off-key rendition of a popular hip-hop song.

Rated “M” for “Mature” - 20 Points
The pitch of your teammate’s voice clearly indicates that they have not yet entered puberty.

I like where Jeff is going with these and have a few more to add to the list. Yes, these are from personal experience.

Is That What I Think It Is? - 30 Points
One of your Uno opponents just flashed you their genitals over the Xbox Live Camera.

Somebody Call Child Services... Not! - 50 Points
You hear a young player get beaten by their parents for using profanity over Xbox Live. And you laugh.

Make Sexy Time - 20 Points
One of your teammates does a Borat imitation that doesn't suck.

Only Stupid People - 25 Points
You ask a simple question and instead of receiving an answer, are met with comments concerning your race, sexual orientation, nationality, and tales of where your mother was last night.

Truly Inconceivable!* - 1,000,000 Points
You play a Ranked Match of Gears of War without hearing anyone mention the words "host advantage".

*UPDATE: It has been reported that this Achievement is glitched and will not unlock if anyone uses a shotgun during the match.

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