Farm Fetish

Every now and then I click on a link to another blog and find something interesting. Like tonight, where I saw this:

In this post I simply point out the ridiculousness of certain politicians, and most of the media, constantly referring to rural small-town Americans as "REAL" Americans (in the cultural sense), considering that according to the US Census and Department of Labor, only 17% of Americans live in rural settings anymore, and roughly 2 million Americans farm for a living. I do this by mentioning that there are more World of Warcraft players in the US than professional Farmers.

Of course, some people have missed the point completely.

Not sure how people could miss the point he was making, but it clearly happened. The author of the Kung Fu Monkey blog goes on to detail just how far off base people were right here. He has some other interesting stuff on the site as well. Worth a gander if you have some time to kill.

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