Rodrigo y Gabriella


I was in the car yesterday listening to KMTT (aka "The Mountain") and suddenly an instrumental accoustic version of "Stairway to Heaven" came on. The primary rhythm was familliar, but there was an obvious Mexican influence underscoring it all. Normally I don't pay that much attention to the radio, but this song had me transfixed. And what really grabbed my attention was the incredible guitar work. I immediately thought back to the classical guitarist we saw at Benaroya Hall last year. The guy we saw that night at the symphony was reported to be one of the top classical guitarists in the world -- his name escapes me -- and this rendition of Stairway showed a talent nearly his equal.

Fortunately I was listening to a station that almost always tells you the artist and song title after every few songs and was quick to write it down. Rodrigo y Gabriella. Remember that name.

They're playing Halloween night at the Paramount Theater in Seattle. I was going to link to Ticketmaster, but after seeing that there are 50% worth of additioanl charges and fees, I decided to not. The tickets are $30 each, hopefully we can get them at the door or off the street.

In the meantime, head to iTunes to check out the reviews and listen to some samples. I definitely recommend listening to the "Diablo Rojo" song. If that doesn't get you tapping your hands or dancing in your seat then this probably isn't for you.

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