Attack of the Acronyms: THPG and PGR4 Guidebook Giveaway!

It was a rough September, but my sleep deprivation is your gain.

I have copies of my official strategy guides for Tony Hawk's Proving Ground and Project Gotham Racing 4 available to give away to those who want them. I'm willing to ship a total of 5 books so email me the name of the book you'd like and also let me know if you'd like the book autographed. The THPG book covers all versions of the game. I wrote the strategy for the X360 and PS3 versions of the game and Michael Owen of BradyGames covered the PS2 and Wii versions of the game. As for the PGR4 guidebook, let me just let you know right now that we weren't allowed to show/mention any Lamborghinis or GM vehicles in the book due to licensing restrictions. This is admittedly unfortunate, but the strategy guide is still helpful in my opinion. But of course I'm going to say that, right?

Anyway, those who know me and my gaming tastes no doubt know that the Project Gotham Racing series is among my favorite franchises in all of gamedom. I really liked what Bizarre Creations did with the Gotham Career mode this time around and the two years they had to work on it definitely shows. The gameplay, the car selection, and the plethora of new tracks all make the wait worthwhile. Just wait until you see the weather effects in action -- if this game doesn't convince you to buy an HDTV nothing will.

As for THPG, the game is simply massive. It could very well take up to 100 hours for average players to complete every goal in the game. Perhaps more importantly, I have to honestly say that this is the best Tony Hawk game since THPS4 came out five years ago. I'm a big fan of the series, but even I can say my interest was waning these past few years. If you let the THUG games or American Wasteland or even last year's Project 8 turn you off from the series, I would suggest giving THPG a chance to bring you back into the fold. Despite releasing THP8 last year, work on THPG began two years ago and, like with PGR4, the extra time in the oven shows. Here's hoping Neversoft maintains a two-year cycle on these games and doesn't rush the next one out next fall. They've released nine Tony Hawk games in nine years now; let's hope taking over the Guitar Hero franchise keeps them busy for a while. That or they spend some time making a sequel to Gun. Now that's what I really hope they do.

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