My Wife, the Dork

I was reading Kristin an email I received today about a conference call I have at 7am tomorrow morning. The call is to discuss the absolutely massive project I've volunteered myself for and originally I thought it was at 4am. I was sent one of the Outlook meeting invitations that hook up with the calendar component in the program. I've never seen such a thing before and didn't realize that it automatically adjusted the meeting time to meet my time zone. When I saw the 7am time slot, I figured that was the time they were meeting in Indianapolis and that I would have to call in at 4am. I was none too happy about that, I can assure you! Fortunately, Kristin's an Outlook power-user and was able to set me straight. That's not why she's a dork though.

As I so often do, I have digressed yet again.

So I'm reading Kristin this email, essentially for shock value. She knows what I've gotten myself into and that in 7 years of writing for BradyGames, this is the first time I've been asked to participate in a meeting with the entire editorial staff and Publisher. For an hour no less. So what does she have to say about all this?

"Wow, she really puts together a nice meeting agenda."

One month in business school and she's already more concerned with structure than content... down the rabbit hole she slips and slides into a world of synergisms and productizing strategic action-items. Whatever that means.

Somebody get my torch. It's almost time for a good ol' fashioned book-burning!

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Maarten said...

When you see a meeting that lacks structure, be very very worried. Chances are, the content is going to much less concise or useful than you'd like it to be.

I'm with K on this one--seeing a solid agenda is something to appreciate... and I'll betcha it's something she didn't learn in B-school.