First Impressions of the Mapping Kind

I was looking at a volunteer-travel site today called, which seems to give the impressions of a respected outfit that has their worldly scat together. At first...

I was reading the description for their Costa Rica based program:

A decade ago, the government set aside a national forest reserve for the spectacular Carara Rainforest, which borders the village . The villagers love their nature paradise and appreciated the action. However, since then, the tiny village has struggled for sources of income, as their crops are being eaten by protected wildlife. As a first step toward creating sustainable eco-tourism, the community needs help clearing paths, marking trails, learning English, etc. No special skills are required.

Having wandered around Carara just last spring and know of the dirt road leading off towards the village, I became intrigued. Not that I would necessarily want to participate in this project, but I was definitely interested in seeing what they had planned. The article linked to a map of the area. A map that caused both Kristin and I to break out into laughter.

Here is that map.

It's good to know that if Kristin loses her job, that she could potentially put her skills to use working as GlobeAware's cartographer.

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